Thondernadu Police Station

04935 - 235332

Thondernadu Police Station was opened on 13.08.2018 as per GO (Rt) No. 2487/2017/Home dated 22.09.2017. Formerly the jurisdiction was falls within the Vellamunda Police Station. At the same time, Korome Out Post was existed in early 20th Century under the supervision of Vythiri Circle Inspector. This area was most popular for trade in spices and easy to reach Kuttiyadi in Kozhikode district. After a short period of interval the same OP was re-opened in 1933. After 1940s the importance of the Korome town decreased since the trade and business graph was being descending way. In the recent years, the existing of CPI Maoist activists noted in this area in a sensitive rate.

Jurisdiction details

Station comprises 3 beats, 1 Panchayath (viz Thondernad) and 2 villages ( viz Kanhirangad & Thondernad).

Border Police stations

Eastern side of border Police station are participated by Vellamunda & Mananthavady Police stations, north side Thalapuzha Police station, south side participated by Padinjarathara and Valayam Police Stations & Thotilpalam Police station is the western border Police station

Jurisdictional Courts

Judicial First Class Magistrate Court I Mananthavady

Parliament constituency and Legislative Assembly

Thondernadu Police station jurisdiction belongs Wayanad Parliamentary Constituency and in Mananthavady Assembly Constituency

  • Govt.High school Thetamala
  • AUP School Vanjode
  • Govt. LP School Puthussery
  • Holly face English School Makkiyad
  • Govt. LP School Makkiyad
  • MTDM Higher Secondary School Palery
  • Govt.HSKunjome,AupsNiravilpuzha
  • Vivekanada Residential School Niravilpuzha
  • International Institute of Islamic Science Korome
  • Gvt.LP School Karimbil
  • Govt.LP School Korome
  • GramaPanchayath office Thondernadu, Korome
  • Village office Kanjirangadu
  • Village office Thondernadu, Korome
  • Forest office Makkiyadu
  • Veterinary Surgeon Makkiyad
  • Krishi Bhavan Cheepad
  • Forest station Kunjome
  • Tribal Extention office Niravilpuzha
  • PHC Korome
  • Govt. Ayoorvedha Hospital, Niravilpuzha
  • ICDP Sub center Palery
  • Forest Check post Mattilayam
  • Post Office Korome
  • Post OfficeMakkiyad
  • Post office Mattilayam
  • Post office Thettamala
  • BSNL office Korome
  • KSEB Korome
  • Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital, Niravilpuzha
  • PHC Korome
  • St. Scolastica Hospital Makkiyad
  • Janatha Hospital Korome
  • Homeo Dispensary Korome
  • Homeo Dispensary Kunjome
  • Canara Bank Korome
  • Vijaya Bank Makkiyad
  • Kerala Gramin Bank Makkiyad
  • Wayanad District Co-op Bank Korome
  • Thondernadu Service Co-op Bank Cheepad
  • Kunkichira Museum Kunjome
  • Makkiyad Meenmutty Water falls
  • Korome Mosque
  • E3 Theme Park Neelome
  • Pannipatt Water falls Mattilayam