Pulpally Police Station

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Jurisdictional Map of Pulpally Police Station

The out post which was functioning under Kambalakkad Police Station since 01.11.1955 as per GO (MS) 2737 dated 05.10.1955 of Government of Madrass (DO 670/63 D) was converted to a charging station on 01.06.1968 as per GO (Rt) No.823/68 Home dated 29./05.1968 in pursuance of the orders contained in GO(Rt) 1268/Home(D) dated 04.01.1968 (DO) 352/68 E 2-17864/67 of 26.06.1968.The station began to function in private building near Karimum Bazar in Pulpally town. The new building for the station was constructed and inaugurated on 27.04.1975.

Jurisdiction details

Station comprises 4 beats, 2 Panchayaths ( viz Pulpally and Mullankolly) and 2 villages ( viz Pulpally, and Padichira).

Border Police stations

Eastern and Northern side of Pulpally Police Station having a boarder Police Station at Karnataka State which is Beechanahalli Police Station. The limits separate by River Kabani in most parts and in some areas that is a thick forest at Karnataka State. Western and Southern boarder stations are Kenichira and Manathavady respectively.

Jurisdictional Courts

Judicial First Class Magistrate Court II, S.Bathery

Parliament constituency and Legislative Assembly

This station jurisdiction is in Wayanad Parliament constituency and Sulthan Bathery Legislative Assembly


Pulpally can be accessed from Mananthavady or Sultan Battery. The Periya ghat road connects Mananthavady to Kannur and Thalassery. The Thamarassery mountain road connects Calicut with Kalpetta. The Kuttiady mountain road connects Vatakara with Kalpetta and Mananthavady. The Palchuram mountain road connects Kannur and Iritty with Mananthavady. The road from Nilambur to Ooty is also connected to Wayanad through the village of Meppadi. The nearest railway station is at Mysore and the nearest airports are Kozhikode International Airport-120 km, Bengaluru International Airport-290 km, and Kannur International Airport, 58 km.


Kabani river which flowing through northern side of Pulpally Station limit separates Karnataka states.

  • GLPS Channothukolly
  • Govt LPS Pakkam
  • GLPS Marakkadavu
  • Devamatha LPS Adikkolly
  • Govt LPS Chekadi
  • SNLPS Kalluvayal
  • SNLPS Kappiset
  • St. George English Medeum School Anappara
  • St. Geworge AUPS Anappara
  • Amrutha Vidhyalayam Pulpally
  • Govt HS Kappiset
  • Govt VHSS Perikkalloor
  • GUPS Sasimala
  • Jayasree HSS Kalluvayal
  • Nirmalamatha HSS Kabanigiri
  • SN Balavihar Pulpally.
  • St. Marys English Medeum School, Pulpally
  • St.Marys HSS Mullankolly
  • Vijaya HSS Pulpally
  • Vijaya LPS Pulpally
  • BSNL Office Pulpally
  • Forest Range Office Pulpally
  • Panchayath office Mullankolly
  • Panchayath office Pulpally
  • Post Office Amarakkuni
  • Post Office Kabanigiri
  • Post office Kalanadikkolly
  • Post office Mullankolly
  • Post office Padichira
  • Post Office Pakkam
  • Post office Perikkallor
  • Post office Pulpally
  • Post Office Sasimala
  • Post Office Seethamount
  • Veterinary Hospital Padichira
  • Veterinary Hospital Pulpally
  • Village office Padichira
  • Village office Pulpally
  • Krishi Bhavan Pulpally
  • KSEB Office Padichira
  • KSEB Office Pulpally
  • Sub Registrar office Pulpally
  • Sub Treasury Pulpally
  • Tribal Extension Office Kappiset
  • Nirmala Hospital Pulpally
  • Seetha Nursing Home Pulpally
  • Beena Nursing Home Pulpally
  • Govt. Homeo Hospital, Pulpally
  • CHC Pulpally
  • Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital, Adikkolly
  • Sreesha Hopital Pulpally
  • Vimala Mery Ayurvedic Hospital Pulpally
  • South Indian Bank pulpally
  • South Malabar Gramin Bank Mullankolly
  • South Malabar Gramin Bank Padichira
  • State Bank of India Kappiset
  • Wayanad District Co- Operative Bank
  • Canara bank Perikkallor
  • Canara bank Pulpally
  • Mullankolly Service Co-operative Bank
  • Pulpally Service Co-Operative bank
  • Urban Bank pulpally
  • Chedattin Kavu Pulpally
  • Kali temple Chundakkolly
  • Muthappa temple Ghrihannoor
  • Pakkamkotta Siva Temple
  • Seethadevi Lava Kusa Temple Pulpally
  • Siva Temple Channothukolly
  • Siva Temple Devargadha
  • Sreekrishna Temple Pulpally
  • Sri Narayana Gurudeva Temple Pulpally
  • Subramanya Temple Channothukolly
  • Infant Jesus Church Sasimala
  • Infant Jesus Church Pattanikoop
  • Marbaselious Jacobite Church Anappara
  • Marbaselious Jacobite Church Cheeyambam
  • St. George Orthodox Church Anappara
  • St. George Simhasana Church Anappara
  • St. Jude Church Amarakuni
  • St. Mary,s Church Pulpally
  • St. Mary’s Church Chettapalam
  • St. Mary’s Church Kappiset
  • St. Mary’s Church Mullankolly
  • St. Sebastian Church Aadikolly
  • St. Sebastian Church Alathoor
  • St. Sebastian Church Padichira
  • St. Thomas Church Marakadavu
  • St. Thomas Church Marakavu
  • St. Thomas Church Perikaloor
  • St. Thomas Church Seethamound
  • Mujahid Mosque Pulpally
  • Sirajudhin Juma Masjid Pattanikkoopu
  • Sunni Mosque Pulpally
  • St. Joseph Home for Handicaped Women, Kappiset
  • Panamparambil Sneha Sdan for girls, Madal
  • St. Catherin’s Home for old age women, Marakkadavu
  • Santhisadan Charitable Society Balamandiram , Eriyapalli

Historical Importance

MavilamThodu- This is the place where Pazhassi Raja sacrificed his life for his country on 30th November, 1805.

Main Projects through the PS

Janamaithri Suraksha Project, Clean Campus Safe Campus