Project HOPE

A study based on juvenile people in police custody for minor and major offenses points to their unfortunate past of drifting away from the socialization process of education, after failing the Class X and XII exams. This underscores an issue that needs to be addressed seriously.

The idea of Hope Project was born out of intense realization of need to save our teens from this misfortune.

Average of 4.5 lakhs of students passes SSLC examination, every year. When 98% of students attending this exam win, rest 2% are left behind, without the basic educational qualification for every individual especially in an educated state like Kerala. This 2% is not a small number. When we look at the figures from 2014 to 2019, an average of 10,000 students fail the Class X and XII exams every year. A good percentage of children stumble half way while few of them pass the SAY Exam and go on. These children, who are isolated even from their families, are gradually breaking away from the mainstream society due to lack of self esteem.This isolation, lack of confidence and sense of inferiority leads them to pursue lifestyle detrimental to self and society.

The first step towards this is to find such children and shine a light of hope on them. Through enthusiastic scientific projects, Project Hope endeavors to enable these children to cross the 10th grade threshold and to enlighten them into the mainstream society.

Since 2019-20 academic year, the project covers all districts in Kerala by providing classes for students who fail the SSLC and Plus Two examinations, and drop outs too. Out of 522 candidates who appeared for the SSLC examination through Hope project, 465 passed and out of 199 candidates who appeared for the Plus Two examination through Hope project, 76 passed the scheme.

Last updated on Thursday 12th of May 2022 AM