Pink Police Patrol

Wayanad police introduced Pink Beat patrol for enhancing the safety for women and children in public places. The Pink Beat includes specially trained women police personnel. These police personnel will patrol on bus stands, bus stops, schools, colleges and other public places. They will assist women, children and senior citizens. The Pink Patrol team will operate under the supervision of District Police Chief.

The role of these police personnel are

Ensure service for women, children and physically challenged Shutting down any avenue of eve teasing or molestation, threats and observing anti social elements.Assist children and passengers with physical disabilities to reach their destination.The Patrol car have been equipped with GPS tracking devices as well as cameras installed on the front and rear sides of the vehicles. The camera sends continuous visuals to the control room.  An officer from control room can inspect these visuals in real time and deploy additional forces to various areas whenever necessary. These patrol vehicle will be led by a women police officer and will have two other women police personnel. The patrol will be deployed in areas that have high presence of women and will function from 8 am to 8 pm.

These personnel is not just monitor the insides of the crowded public buses for misuse and hassle, but also look out for anti-social activities at bus stops, schools and other prime target areas.

Wayanad Pink Police Contact Number: 9497925095


Last updated on Monday 26th of September 2022 AM