Aparajitha is Online

"Aparajitha is Online" is a quick response mechanism for grievance redressalof online based harassment of women and girls"

Most of such online harassment are not reported to the Police because of the societal pressure for not reporting, or because the offender may be a close friend or a relative for various blackmailing tactics adopted by the offender: and most importantly the women feel not confident or feel insecure in going to Police to handle such problems. In the past, though, we have taken some steps in this regard, due to delay in handling such matters, due to various technical issues, etc. Our efforts did not give desired results. Needless to mention, in such instance, a sensitive and technically robust, quick response mechanism is to be put in place by the Police.

SP, Women Cell will be incharge for grievance redressal at the State Level and at the police station level specilly to deal with complaints of online harassment of women.

Utmost confidentiality of victim's and her family will be ensured. Reporting of a complaint should not lead to shaming of the victims or further harassment by the offender. Tact, cyber savvyness and empathy are the most important per-requisities for this work

SP women Cell will maintain the data of all trained cyber savvy WCPO/WSCPOs. Complaints should be received into an exclusive email to be created and managed by SP Women Cell and should be forwarded to a Police Station in the specific emails created for this purpose. These emails shall be operated only by the concerned WCPO/WSCPOs in the police station also. Their main objective is to enquire and identify and locate the offenders. For this they will/can take the help of police station level Cyber cell, District Cyber Cell, HI-Tech Cell, Cyber Dome etc.. After identifying such offender the complainant may be informed and with his/her complaint legal action to be taken (As many a times close friends and relatives are the culprits and prosecution becomes unsuccessful). Thus legal steps (if needed to be taken against the offenders) may be initiated by the concerned SHO under intimation to the concerned District Police Chief and the SP Women Cell.


Complaints to be forwarded to the Email : aparajitha.pol@kerala.gov.in

Last updated on Monday 20th of June 2022 AM