Nammamakka short play

Wayanad Janamaithri Police is presenting a short play 'Namma Makka' in tribal language by mobilizing police personnel recruited through special recruitment as part of legal awareness in the tribal areas of the district. Including drug use among tribals, the consequences of underage marriage, the importance of education, and sexual violence.The short play is 30 minutes long and features a wedding and fun moments that take place there, incorporating their rituals and musical instruments with a very simple expression without losing any of the uniqueness of tribal life. Through this play, the tribes can understand the seriousness of what is happening in their livesThe Wayanad Janamaithri Police has come up with this project with the firm belief that it will be possible and through it legal awareness and knowledge will be obtained in a very simple manner. Based on the fact that the tribals of Kerala can see and understand through social media and other platforms by visualizing the uniqueness of this mini-drama called Nammamakka.Basically, the video recording of the short drama 'Nammamakka' has been completed with the financial assistance of the Tribal Development Department.

The launching of the video shot as part of the event was held on 17.06.2022 at the Wayanad District Police Headquarters. Arvind Sukumar IPS They performed. Mananthavady Tribal Development Officer Shri. Ismail, Wayanad District Janamaithri Police Nodal Officer C Branch DySP Manoj Kumar R, District Assistant Nodal Officer KM Sasidharan,  Sub-Inspector Srinivasan K ,Ashok Kumar 

The play 'Namma Makka' was written and directed by Yatheendran, a civil police officer at the Panamaram police station, and the music was composed by Basheer, a senior civil police officer at the Mananthavady police station. Vinod, Abhijit, Ratilash, Jishnu Raj, Harish, Kunhiraman, Siju, Sasi, Mahita, Sreethu, Pramitha and Sita are the 12 policemen working in various police stations in Wayanad district.It stars police officers. Wayanad District Janamaithri Asst. The play is led by a team led by Nodal Officer ASI Sasidharan KM.