District Police Chief


Rajpal Meena IPS
District Police Chief, Wayanad

As District Police Chief Wayanad, I have great pleasure in welcoming you to this website. The purpose of this website is to enable people to communicate with senior police officials of the District, from wherever in the world they may be. It is also a means of keeping members of the public informed about the latest developments, services and activities of Wayanad District Police.

Wayanad District Police is fully committed and dedicated to ensure proper maintenance of law and order in the district, managing traffic, prevention and detection of crime and spearheading various citizen friendly initiatives like Janamaitri, Student Police Cadet ,Clean Campus Safe Campus etc.

Wayanad District has a large number of tribal populations. We are working hard in resolving many issues related to them. The District also has a large number of domestic and international tourists visiting, their safety and security are our paramount duty.

Hope you will find this web site useful. Please share your valuable opinion with us, enabling our better service to you.